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Advertising & Coin Op!

(702) 678-6278

   Click on picture to see enlargement.

New items posted weekly.







Simplex antique auto jack
price $165





3 vintage casino coin slot carts from when the Aladdin closed. These would make great booth seating for a restaurant or home. All 3 carts sold together -- $975., price separately
$475 each











Chesterfield cigarette advertisement--
very old and in good condition. Piece 
with frame approx 20" x 19" 
nearly square. Spots in image are
foxing on the paper. price $225













  Antique Unguentine advertising
poster. This piece is in an antique
frame. With frame it measures
4' x 2' 2". price $550



Vintage neon Casino sign
from the Las Vegas Nob Hill
Casino (was located next to
Harrah's) measures approx
53" wide x 30" tall.
price $950







Very old neon working
Schlitz beer sign.
price $475 



These are rare factory vintage Schwinn signs for sale @ The Funk House ! All sold as one lot SALE price $550  through Feb 15, 2015 in store purchase only no CC or shipping for this discounted price!










Merrick's Thread Spool Cabinet oval shaped cabinet 31 " x 16 " x 20" 4 panes of bent glass (one cracked, see photos), original gold lettering on inside of panes;  "MERRICK'S SIX CORD SOFT FINISH SPOOL COTTON."  Center section on both sides has mirror that measures 10" x 12".  Cabinet is medium/dark oak. Gold lettering on both sides of case reads: "MERRICK'S SPOOL COTTON".  Each cylinder has 22 channels to hold thread spools in a column. Base has 2 small doors for selections made to be removed from cabinet. The knobs (missing) at the top turn the cylinders. There are two small pallets on the top of the case for loading with thread spools. Each cylinder has a 1 " wide black tape with silver numbering running across the bottom. The left cylinder labels the channels from 8-36, the right cylinder labels the channels from 40-100. Patent plate on the top of the case stating: PATENTED JULY 20,1897 price $1,850


Great vintage apartment rental
sign in shape of an artist palette,
40" x 31" in very good condition
price $695





International Citivan antique
vintage double
sided porcelain
sign in very good condition.  
price $595




Large vintage Frostie
thermometer, as is
price $95






Canada Dry lemon line
soda dispenser cover
from the 1950's
price $95




Harvest King motor oil
large metal container
price $65







Variety of milk bottles
priced from $25-$40


Large vintage Pepsi
thermometer as is
condition  price $65




Stardust Hotel and
Casino sign.Closed
Las Vegas Casino
Sign is rare vintage pink
mirror. price $595




Rare vintage wall
hanging Schlitz Beer
light  price $250


Budweiser Light Beer
neon clock, not old 
price $85







Schlitz Beer  vintage
hanging light, very
good condition
price $250


Vintage airplane pedal car
in good condition. This one
is one of a kind, handmade.
it is in working order although
I wouldn't think this would go
outside ever again. It is too
cool and rare.   price  $800






Nash automobile advertising
calendar with Hawaiian hula girl in
very  good condition, framed and dated 1924. Image is of early Silent film star.  price    $395










Coca Cola boat motor style soda fountain, in excellent working condition. Back of top has minor damage (see photo), common for this style. price $595 




Kellogs mobile from approx
1970's, in excellent condition
price  $95



Vintage horoscope and
weight scale (5 cent) marked
HAWAII. Scale accurate
price  $450


Vintage tailor's shipping
suitcase from Hong Kong
price $49





Olympia Beer 3 color neon
sign, works great
price $250


Rare vintage movie poster,
"16 Fathoms Deep", measures
39" x 27", some damage on
edges   price  $395






Vintage Movie Poster

"The Big Parade of Comedy"
Poster measures 36" x 14"
Bottom marked: Copyright
1964 Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Inc. Printed in USA. No damage
found          price $200






Commercial watch display
for Tavannes watches. The bldg
alternates lighting up with the
rest of the display, so looks like
day changing to night. This is rare
and wonderful piece of vintage
advertising    price $650



This giant vintage neon clock
is in very good condition.
Neon working, clock needs
new works, they are very
inexpensive. This is a rare
find price  $1100



Great old vintage advertising
form for "Double Seat Panty"
measuring approx 12" tall.
Very hard to find these pieces.
price $295



Fabulous antique double
sided taxidermy sign.
It measures approx.
54" x 25".  price $475 
plus s&i $30


Vintage Orange Crush menu board
in good condition. Board measures
approx 32" x 24".   price $250
plus s&i $15




Vintage accupressure charts
each measuring approx 42"
x 20". pair-price $125 plus s&i $22


Stoplight in excellent working condition  price $450




Miller Genuine Draft
BEER neon sign,
working condition.

price $275





 Vintage Pepsi dispenser,
with original equipment.
price $499 plus s&i $28

Cool old Snap-On-Tools
radio and casette  tape player in
the shape of a tool chest. All in
working order. price $85
plus s&i $16


Vintage Cambridge Bible
bubble glass clock. Electric

price $475 plus s&h $38

 Small vintage Double
Cola cooler in great
condition. price $150
plus s&i $18


 Rare Grapette syrup drum.
No lid. price $125 plus s&i $18


Shipping for furniture pieces calculated to location

Accepted forms of payment: Paypal, wire transfer, CC (Visa & MasterCard on approval). Buyer pays S&H. FREE local pick up! Listed rates are estimated within contiguous U.S. and are SUBJECT TO CHANGE according to buyer location. Item must be paid for within 2 days of purchase agreement. All items are vintage and therefore have been used, any damage found is noted, please ask any questions before purchase. MORE information: thefunkhouselv@gmail.com or 702.678.6278. 


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