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Art @The Funk House FAQ





What follows is a list of Frequently Asked Questions when an artist is interested in possibly showing or is going to show their work at Art @ The Funk House.

Contact: art@thefunkhouselasvegas.com







Table of Contents

  1. What is Art @ The Funk House?
  2. When and how did it begin?
  3. What does it take to get my work displayed at Art @ The Funk House?
  4. How often does the art get changed?
  5. So if I get a show, then what?
  6. When do I hang my show and when do I take it down?
  7. What is expected of me in hanging and taking down my show?
  8. What sort of commission do you take?
  9. Will I be expected to have an opening reception?
  10. What is expected of me for the opening?
  11. What else can I expect the night of my opening?
  12. How will people find out about my show?
  13. What have previous artists had to say about their shows?
  14. I still have some questions.  Who do I contact?



  What is Art  @ The Funk House?
Art @ The Funk House is not a "gallery".  It is a unique space for exhibiting and viewing art located inside The Funk House antique store at 1228 South Casino Center (one block east of Main and two blocks south of Charleston.)  The artist's work is hung amidst the antiques on display for purchase.  However, there are three wall spaces cleared and used exclusively for the display of art.

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When and how did it begin?

Cindy Funkhouser is the owner and operator of The Funk House antique store.  In January of 2001, Cindy and her friend Julie Brewer decided to attempt an experiment:  hang some art, invite some people and see what happens.  The event was considered a success by all concerned.  Since that time, the experiment has evolved into FIRST FRIDAY, an ongoing monthly art, entertainment and social event that was founded in October 2002 by Cindy and is held the first Friday of each month.  The event is located throughout the neighborhood in the Las Vegas Arts District, a collection of cultural businesses centered around the outdoor festival on Colorado and Casino Center Blvd in front of The Funk House.  The non-profit organization Whirlygig Inc. (www.whirlygiglasvegas.org), organizes FIRST FRIDAY LAS VEGAS.  If you have any questions regarding FIRST FRIDAY in particular, please refer to the website listed above or go to http://www.firstfriday-lasvegas.org

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What does it take to get my work displayed at Art @ The Funk House?

If you are interested in showing here please email a biography and  5 jpegs of your work to info@thefunkhouselasvegas.com

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How often does the art get changed?

We feature a new artist (or artist group) every month.

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So if I get a show, then what?

This question relates to many other questions, which will now be answered individually.

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When do I hang my show and when do I take it down?

You will hang your show the week of the First Friday of the month (Tues, Wed or Thurs. hours flexible) that your show will hang and take it down the Wednesday before the first Friday of the following month.  This allows you two days to tweak your show as needed before the opening reception (see below).  While Art @ The Funk House is an art viewing space, it is located inside a retail business and, unlike traditional galleries, we don't have the luxury of closing down in between shows.  Consequently the walls cannot be stripped for long.

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What is expected of me in hanging and taking down my show?

There are a few requirements.  First, the art must be hung "salon style" which means that the art is hung suspended from a wire tied to a bar set up close to the ceiling (rather than from nails or hooks put into the wall.)  This means a little forethought on your part such as having your work prepared for such a presentation and bringing along the proper kind of wire and tools to support your art.  We have a ladder available if needed.  (While Cindy will always be there for this part of the process so that she may offer input, the actual labor involved in hanging your show will be your responsibility.)  Second, you must bring title cards for your art with prices on them to hang with your work or provide a loose title/price list.  Either method is acceptable and is the artist's choice.  It is also helpful to prepare an artist's statement to hang with your show or to have loosely available. Finally, we ask that you don't move any of the furniture and/or fixtures in the store while hanging your show without permission or help from Cindy.  Again, all of this has to do with the fact that your art will be hanging in a business that gets traffic every day of the week so we don't have time to close down, patch nail holes, paint and do whatever else it takes to prepare for the next show as traditional galleries do.  As for taking your show down, just confirm a time with Cindy before coming in to do so.  Taking the show down is generally easy and takes much less time than hanging it.

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What sort of commission do you take?

We do not now nor have we ever taken a commission from our artists.  Our only intention is to support the arts by providing artists with promotion and space to exhibit their work and to get it out into the community. Any financial transactions between the artist and the buyer will be solely the responsibility of the artist.               

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Will I be expected to have an opening reception?

Yes.  The opening receptions are always held the first Friday of the month of your show from 6 to 10 pm.  The reception is held at this time to coincide with FIRST FRIDAY.  Artists are expected to arrive on First Friday no later than 5:30pm. We also request that you spend the evening in the gallery area as you are the party that will be representing your work. The artists that are available and talk to the people coming through to see the show sell the most work.

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What is expected of me for the opening?

A few things.  We ask that you arrive at least an hour before the reception is to begin to make any last minute adjustments and/or preparations and to help us move any furniture out of the way for your show.  You are welcome to provide any refreshments (no alcohol)  you like as part of your opening. These will not be provided by Art @ The Funk House

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What else can I expect the night of my opening?

We've found live music to be a much-appreciated aspect of the evening.  If you have someone in mind that you'd like to play, just let us know and we can generally accommodate your request (space allows for 1-2 musicians, cannot be loud).  Otherwise you may bring a cd player or iPod or whatever your technological skills allow.  Since your opening will occur in conjunction with FIRST FRIDAY, there are always many other things going on in and around The Funk House.  As this is your show, any additional input you'd like to offer regarding the ambience of the space or any other aspect of the show is always welcome.  Feel to be as creative as you like. 

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How will people find out about my show?

We send out a press release (your exhibit will also be included in the First Friday Las Vegas email)  to several local papers and websites to be included in their calendar sections.  Generally they are pretty good at updating our listing to include the current artist, but as we have no control over what they do with our information once we send it to them, we can't guarantee your listing.  A good way to insure that you will not only be included in our listing, but to also encourage the press to take notice and write something about your show is to issue your own press release.  Artists that have done so have always had an additional mention outside of our calendar listing.  We have plenty of experience writing press releases and would be happy to help you write one if you've never done it and we are also happy to share our press contact list with you.   In addition, we encourage you to invite as many people as you like to your show.  The best openings have been a blend of Funk House regulars, FIRST FRIDAY patrons and friends and family of the artist.

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What have previous artists had to say about their shows?

For the most part, artists have been very happy with their openings and their shows.  Many have had success in selling their work.  The artists have found the marriage of art and antiques to be advantageous for many reasons.  As the art is displayed in an already functioning retail space, there is more of an established flow of people to view your art (and to hopefully purchase it) than at traditional galleries.  Those attending the opening receptions have been quite enthusiastic about the blend of art and antiques and have commented that it is nice, once one has viewed the art and/or met with the artist, to hang out longer than they perhaps would at a traditional gallery opening, browsing through all the interesting things in the store.  Plus, the fact that your opening occurs in conjunction with FIRST FRIDAY insures that many more people will see your work than would have before the establishment of the event.  (Each month has varied, but we typically get over 1,000 people visiting throughout the evening.) 

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I still have some questions.  Who do I contact?

For further information regarding the art, FIRST FRIDAY or The Funk House, please use the contact information listed at top of page.

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